All news articles for November 19, 2015

The pub chef's Christmas gadget guide 2016


The Christmas gadget guide for pub chefs

By Daniel Woolfson

In theory, a truly talented chef should be able to produce outstanding meals with just a frying pan, a spatula, a sharp knife and the right ingredients. Cooking isn’t about kit, it’s about skill.  But that doesn’t mean chefs shouldn’t treat themselves...

Pub auctions: the pros and cons of going under the hammer


Pub auctions: the pros and cons of going under the hammer

By Ben Winstanley

Auctions are possibly the greatest litmus test of market conditions: when it's bad, you get poor results and undersell at auction, when the market is brilliant, it can be fabulous. Robin Mence, managing director of Sidney Phillips, gives Ben Winstanley...

Robinsons has revamped its online presence


Robinsons launches new website

By Mike Berry

Robinsons Brewery has revamped its digital presence as it looks to boost interest in its brands and improve footfall across its pub estate.

Profit by putting food on board


Profit by putting food on board

By Poppleston Allen

You might now be thinking about your business plans for the new year, and what you could do to differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

Demand for fairer deal on rates


Demand for fairer deal on rates

By Mike Berry

Industry bodies have joined forces to demand a fairer deal for pubs on business rates in next week’s Autumn Statement.

Pub chef trailblazers met to discuss the chef recruitment crisis

Chef recruitment crisis

'Work together to banish pub chef stigma', say industry leaders

By Nicholas Robinson

The negative stigma associated with being a pub chef must be tackled by the industry, which it could achieve by working together to highlight the benefits to youngsters of a career in pub kitchens.