All news articles for February 09, 2016

What's new in pub desserts?

Dessert Report

Nine things you need to know about desserts in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers are pickier than ever, especially when it comes to foods that are perceived to be bad for health and the waistline. Here are nine things you need to know to put a succesful dessert offer on in your pub.

25 Years of the Publican Awards: A history


25 Years of the Publican Awards: A history

By James Evison

The early ’90s was a crucial period for UK pubs and the introduction of The Publican Awards began a real recognition of the industry. Phil Mellows describes how the awards have developed to the present day.

Following the biggest LVA shutting down in Norfolk, an LTC support fund was set up


Focus: The demise of the once-mighty LVAs

By Phil Mellows

Early in the new year, one of the pub trade's great institutions slipped a little further into the dustbin of history when Norfolk and Norwich Licensed Victuallers Association (LVA) was wound up after more than 160 years. Phil Mellows investigates...

10 ways to start your own pizza offer

Sponsored: Pizza Report

Sponsored - 10 tips to a successful pizza offer in your pub

By Nicholas Robinson

Italian classics have been a big part of the UK’s food scene for decades, but now more pubs are beginning to cash in on pizzas with rising success. Here are 10 things you should consider before launching your offer.