All news articles for April 25, 2016

Fridges and freezers for pubs

Which fridges and freezers for your kitchen?

By Nicholas Robinson

No pub chef could successfully run an efficient kitchen without fully working fridges and freezers. While they may not be the sexiest pieces of equipment, they’re definitely some of the most important. Nicholas Robinson points out some of the best currently...

Is your bar cool for the summer?

Summertime drinks

Cool drinks for the summer

By Jo Bruce

With a change in the weather on the horizon, Jo Bruce looks at what drinks are forecast to heat up your sales this summer

The Fitzherbert Arms is the company's first site in Staffordshire

Publican Award winners

Seventh site for Cheshire Cat Pubs and Bars

By Emily Sutherland

Publican award winner Cheshire Cat Pubs and Bars has opened its seventh site, the Fitzherbert Arms on Lords Stafford’s estate in Swynerton, Staffordshire.

JJ Food Service launches premium fish range


JJ Food Service launches premium fish range

By Daniel Woolfson

JJ Food Service has announced it will now offer individually quick frozen (IQF) cod and line-caught cod, haddock and plaice as part of its range of fish products. 

Honey beer maker Hiver says operators must help craft brewers


Small craft brewers ‘priced out’ of mainstream pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Small craft brewers are being priced out of a beer market that’s made of pints and halves, driven by demand for low price points from operators, the founder of honey beer firm Hiver has claimed.

Chief executive Simon Townsend said  the move was 'further evidence' of its developing managed estate

Enterprise develops managed estate


Enterprise Inns has announced its third Managed Expert partnership – this time with London-based Food & Fuel, led by former Spirit chief executive and Café Rouge co-founder Karen Jones.

The time has come for unity on the pubs code


The time has come for unity on the pubs code

By Ed Bedington

And so, we now have the pubs code! But for those waiting for the dust to settle and the fighting to stop, I worry that this is a forlorn hope.