All news articles for May 10, 2016

POW! Cider is still packing a punch in pubs

Cider report

Cider continues to drive on-trade profits

By Nicholas Robinson

Nigel Huddleston discovers how the phenomenal march of cider during the past few years may have slowed slightly but is still continuing to help drive on-trade profits

Ray Thompson won a national marketing award for his Ale Trail

Business support

How one community local beat the big guns to win an award

By Emily Sutherland

Marketing can be tough for small or single-site operators, who often don’t have the budget to compete with multiple site operators or the big managed pub chains.  But one Yorkshire licensee has scooped a major marketing award and driven more trade to...

Claude Bosi: I have always been surrounded by family and a strong Italian heritage – and food has always been an important part of that

Q&A: Hibiscus chef Claude Bosi on his new pub

By Daniel Woolfson

Earlier this month, Claude Bosi, owner of double Michelin-starred London restaurant Hibiscus announced the opening of his new pub, the Swan Inn in Esher, Surrey, with his brother Cedric. The Publican's Morning Advertiser (PMA) caught up with Bosi...

Frustration with bad reviews has reached boiling point for some licensees

Business Support

'Honest' TripAdvisor responses: good or bad for business?

By Emily Sutherland

Dealing with bad TripAdvisor reviews has kept many a pub operator up at night. But long-running frustration with reviews seen as inaccurate, unfair or malicious has reached boiling point, with some licensees taking matters into their own hands by posting...

Gluten-free food can bring a whole new stream of revenue

Gluten-free Report

10 things you need to know about serving gluten-free food in pubs

By Daniel Woolfson and Nicholas Robinson

Gluten-free food is one of the most enduring food trends to hit the UK's eating-out sector this century, but what do you need to know to implement it in your pub? Here are the Publican's Morning Advertiser's top 10 things you need to know.