Brexit beer: Yorkshire craft brewer creates EU referendum ales

By Daniel Woolfson

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Brexit beer: brewer's EU referendum ales

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A Yorkshire brewer has launched three limited edition beers themed around the upcoming referendum on Britain's place in the European Union.

Little Valley Brewery created the three pale ales – called Vote In, Vote Out and Vote IDK (I don't know) – which it said it wanted to encourage debate and conversations around the possibility of Brexit (a British exit from the EU).

Sue Cooper, co-owner and founder of the brewery, said: "We know that everyone down the pub likes to think they are a political expert, and these beers will help spark that great debate."

Political dialogue

She added: "We want to engage the nation with a debate that is monumental and what better way to do that than with a bit of quaffable political dialogue?

"The development of the beers was lengthy to ensure the palette reflected the values of each side of the debate and appeal to the masses no matter where they sit on the political spectrum."

The beers are available now in cask and bottled. Little Valley is also encouraging drinkers to choose their beer and share their thoughts on social media with the hashtags #IN, #OUT or #IDK.

Cast vote

Cooper added: "We know that a lot of people might not be planning to cast their vote in this debate, most probably because they simply don't know enough about it."

The brewery would be voting to stay in the EU when the time came, she added.

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