Bar staff insider: "They're going to steal my shifts"

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Bar staff insider: "They're going to steal my shifts"

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There's a lot of talk about teamwork and the bar team "family". 

But let's be honest, when an interloper joins the ranks, mutterings of "they're going to steal my shifts" can be heard while the fruit knives are being sharpened.


Yes, we pretend to be nice to the newbie but, in reality, we live in hope that they fail miserably when it comes to serving a bitter shandy. We rejoice at seeing them in a quivering mess when they get orders wrong. A sly grin is shared when the glass washer manages to flood the bar leaving the newbie to clear up the mess while covering themselves in beer from the drip trays.


Of course, we enjoy the smugness of knowing how to deal with the tricky locals while the newbie struggles to remember how to pull a pint let alone give them the right drink. We take pure enjoyment from watching their shaking hands, listening to their trembling voices while apologising for their mistake and who wants to clean the toilets or collect the ashtrays? Not us that's for sure, that's a job for the newbie. Hey, it's teamwork after all!

Of course, when we need someone to cover a shift for us, they're great...

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