All news articles for May 24, 2017

Crafty: mainstream lager brands look to craft

How far will mainstream lager makers take craft?

By Nicholas Robinson

Big brewers are flexing their muscles to stay on top of the industry by investing in craft beer, but why are customers finding the quirkier styles more enticing and will it stay that way?

'Powerful evidence': report claims low VAT is key to job creation

Pubs called on to take part in Tax Equality Day

By Georgina Townshend

Pubs have been called on to cut the price of food and drink for a day, following results of a report highlighting the benefits of low VAT on job creation and competitiveness in the EU.

Deal struck: Marston's will distribute beer to part of Punch's current estate

Punch strikes distribution deal with Marston’s

By Nicholas Robinson

Punch will change its delivery service ahead of its proposed takeover by Heineken and Patron Capital, following current distributor Carlsberg’s announcement to withdraw its UK delivery service.