All news articles for February 22, 2018

Kit free: host of regular life drawing classes, the Bristol pub and its regulars are no strangers to nudity

Award-winning gastropub to host naked dining night

By Stuart Stone

The Greenbank community pub in Bristol, winner of the city’s gastropub of the year award, is encouraging diners to get their kit off for the pub's first ever naked dining event on 20 March.

Tailor-made: Mayfair's Running Horse pub underwent a major transformation to provide the backdrop for a London Fashion Week show.

Pub gets metallic makeover for London Fashion Week

By Stuart Stone

The Running Horse pub, in Mayfair, in London's West End, closed for three days so that it could be transformed into a tin-foil covered backdrop for a London Fashion Week installation.

New power: the ALMR's Kate Nicholls will head UKHospitality

New ‘powerful voice’ vows to fight for pub rights

By Nicholas Robinson

New trade organisation UKHospitality, a fusion of the ALMR and BHA, has promised to fight hard for the £130bn hospitality sector after members voted in favour of its creation yesterday (21 February).