All news articles for January 2019

Mindful drinking: brewers have finally cracked low and no-alcohol beer, says Pete Brown


Why Dry January is working for me

By Pete Brown

Improved technologies in de-alcoholising beer means people can enjoy products that used to be unpalatable

Alcohol-free: here's how to make a non-alcoholic G&T

In association with Ceder’s

How to make an alcohol-free gin and tonic

By Nicholas Robinson

For those not wanting to compromise on taste, but not yet ready to get back into the saddle of alcohol, a CEDER’S Stinger may be the ideal solution.

Difference of opinion: some brewers have argued the term 'craft' is subjective

How 'craft beer' is defined

By Nikkie Sutton

Craft? Artisan? Is there a term that describes the type of beer your customers may be happily getting stuck into lately? Perhaps it doesn’t even matter if it can be pigeon-holed.