All news articles for January 2019

Corked: Brexit leaves wine trade unsure of prices

Wine hoarded ahead of Brexit

By Nicholas Robinson

Wine wholesalers are bulk-stocking products ahead of Brexit amid concerns of a potential deal without tariffs on EU wines.

Tenth site: Red Mist Leisure has announced its newest site in Farnham, Surrey (image: Colin Smith, Geograph)

Tenth site for Red Mist Leisure

By Emily Hawkins

Up and coming pub company Red Mist Leisure has purchased its tenth site, which will open its doors in Farnham, Surrey next month.

Tourism boom: tourism has been labelled as a 'major factor' in keeping pubs afloat

Can tourism keep UK pubs afloat?

By Robert Mann

Pubs across the UK will continue to do well if they broaden their appeal to customers and tap into tourism, is the message from the British Beer & Pub Association.