All news articles for February 2019

Street talking: the MA500 crowd will hit the pavements of Clapham for the study tour at this month's event


MA500 London study tour

By Nikkie Sutton

The all-important study tour for the MA500 business club in London this month (February) can now be revealed.

Rate debate: Save UK Pubs has voiced concerns over increases in pubs' rateable value

Pub rateable values increase ‘by up to 567%’

By Stuart Stone

Ahead of a Commons debate on beer taxation, research has found that a large number of operators have borne the brunt of huge increases in rateable value following 2017 reform.

A Shaw thing: Andy Shaw becomes BrewDog's first CEO of beer after 14 years at Red Bull UK

BrewDog appoints first CEO of beer

By Stuart Stone

Independent craft brewer and pub operator BrewDog has appointed the former managing director of Red Bull UK as its inaugural CEO of beer.

Do the right thing: do pubs have to ensure customers act morally?

Should pubs enforce political correctness?

By Robert Mann

After a customer was barred from her local pub because the T-shirt she was wearing was deemed to ‘discriminate’ against transgender people, The Morning Advertiser asks the question: is it the pubs' job to police political correctness?

Long experience: having originally trained as an accountant, Fozard set up a pubco in 1999 before taking over Rooster’s with his two sons in 2011

Big interview

More small breweries closing than opening, says SIBA chairman

By Nicholas Robinson

Ian Fozard may have quite a lot on his plate with major changes at his Rooster’s Brewery, but that hasn’t stopped him from also campaigning for radical change to beer tax and small breweries relief in his role as chairman of SIBA

Just one: the percentage of the population actually consuming a vegan diet

Fewer vegans than we thought, research claims

By Nicholas Robinson

New research from Kantar UK has suggested the number of vegans in the UK is significantly lower than thought, with only 3% defining themselves as such.

Smooth integration: NewRiver confirmed it had acquired Hawthorn Leisure for £106.8m last year

NewRiver completes Hawthorn Leisure integration

By Nikkie Sutton

Retail estate investment business NewRiver has announced it has finished the integration of the Hawthorn Leisure pub and leisure business, eight months after its acquisition.

Cod piece: the fish category had previously seen high levels of inflation (image credit: iuliia_n/

Fish prices take a dive

By Nikkie Sutton

Fish prices fell to their lowest level since last summer in December 2018, new figures have revealed, following good availability of salmon thanks to high demand over Christmas.