All news articles for August 2019

Expert advice: (l-r) Diageo whisky ambassador Colin Dunn and Max Murdy-Flisher of Strongroom Bar, Shoreditch

Whisky masterclass: sponsored by Diageo

The ultimate whisky masterclass

By Nicholas Robinson

Whisky is quickly breaking away from its long-held reputation of being a rigid, complex and confusing category, with many Brits – young and older – willing to break with said tradition.

Pour your own: hit the right balance with self-service

Top tips: improving customer experience

By Poppleston Allen

With keen levels of competition on the high street, pubs are constantly striving to come up with innovative customer experiences in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Collapse and sale: small investors raised £1.5m for Hop Stuff brewery


Building trust in beer and pubs

By Sophie Atherton

When the pub and beer industry is able to offer trust to customers, the payback is often seen through loyalty