Increase in reports: incidents involving drinks being spiked are rising (image credit: monkeybusinessimages/gettyimages.co.uk)

What can pubs do to prevent drink spiking?

By Nikkie Sutton

Pubs should encourage customers to moderate their drinking and consider specific training for their staff in a bid to reduce the risk of punters getting their drinks spiked, according to an alcohol charity.

Big move: Kopparberg sets sails for the UK

Kopparberg is moving production to the UK

By Nicholas Robinson

Kopparberg will manufacture its ciders in the UK for the first time in a bid to 'soften the blow of Brexit', The Morning Advertiser (MA) understands.

Testing facility: Fuller's launches first pilot brewery beer

Fuller’s launches pilot brewery

By Nicholas Robinson

London brewer and pubco Fuller’s has announced the launch of its new pilot brewery at the firm’s Griffin Brewery in Chiswick.

Historic: Fuller's Griffin Brewery is a significant landmark

In association with Fuller’s

Inside Fuller’s Griffin Brewery

By Nicholas Robinson

Fuller’s has a great history and, even now, looks virtually unchanged from the outside. But the company is not stuck in 1845 and has invested in many things, including a new pilot brewery, and remains a huge force in world beer

The only way is up: gin sales rocket further than ever

Brits chug back record amounts of gin

By Nicholas Robinson

Brits have sloshed back 60m bottles of gin in the past 12 months, worth £1.6bn, according to the latest figures from the Wine & Spirits Trade Association (WSTA).

Join us: Spirits Summit to be held in London on 2 October

Get a full measure of the spirits category

By Nicholas Robinson

Pink gin, whisky, alcohol-free ‘spirits’ and the rise of English rum are just a handful of the topics we’re exploring at this year’s Spirits Summit at the Yard, Shoreditch, in London on 2 October.

Grape deal: Heath Ball emphasised the importance of a reasonably priced wine list


Top tips from award-winning operator on making wine work

By Nikkie Sutton

Operators need to seriously up their wine offer and not add on huge mark-ups, according to Great British Pub of the Year licensee Heath Ball from the Red Lion & Sun in Highgate, north London.