How you like: drinkers told not to worry about how they drink their whiskey

Drink whiskey ‘any damn way you want’

By Nicholas Robinson

That's the advice of Jim Beam’s straight-talking head distiller Fred Noe, speaking on a visit to the UK from JB's homeland of Kentucky where the spirit has been distilled since 1795.

What to stock: advice on how many beers to offer in your pub

In association with Diageo

Are you stocking too many or too few beers?

By Nicholas Robinson

A proliferation of beer brands on the market can be a bit of a headache when it comes to choosing what to stock on the bar. But that need not be the case, since the facts about what consumers want speak for themselves.

Emerging trend: New England IPAs are a key growth area in craft beer (image credit: James Beeson)

New England IPA hot trend for 2018

By Nikkie Sutton

Key drink trends for 2018 that operators need to take note of include New England IPA, craft cider, lower alcohol drinks, hybrid drinks and ‘adult’ soft drinks, according to a new report.

A good Spritz: Campari sales fizz up

Aperol Spritz drives up Campari’s UK sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Gruppo Campari’s UK sales have risen significantly, with a chunk of that growth coming from sales of Aperol, the main ingredient in the Aperol Spritz.

Lagging behind: only 17% of women drink beer at least once a week, compared to 53% of men

Male oriented advertising is putting women off beer

By James Beeson

Male orientated advertising is one of the major barriers for women drinking beer, according to the first piece of research about female attitudes towards the drink in almost a decade.

Global business: Martin Dickie and James Watt started BrewDog in 2007

BrewDog 'rejected by Dragon’s Den'

By Nikkie Sutton

Scottish brewer and operator BrewDog has claimed it was turned down by Dragon’s Den after successfully getting through the initial application process.

Fruity winners: Britain's best cider and perry announced

Britain’s best cider and perry named

By Nicholas Robinson

A year of tasting by Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) cider and perry experts has revealed the winners of the organisation’s National Cider and Perry Championships.