Know your cider: The Morning Advertiser's free guide to cider

Free copy of The MA’s guide to cider

By Nicholas Robinson

To some, cider may seem like a simple world, however, in the depths of The Morning Advertiser’s guide to cider booklet, it is clear there is a lot going on. Get your free copy of the report now to stay ahead of the trends.

Power of three: Tiny Rebel takes a big step into the gin world

Craft brewer Tiny Rebel launches three gins

By Nicholas Robinson

The Welsh craft beer brewer has taken its first steps into the gin world with the launch of three new gins, created to complement its existing beer range.

Rule change: to become a member of SIBA, breweries must be British, independent and brew less than 1% of the UK beer market

Global breweries 'can no longer join SIBA'

By James Beeson

Global brewers competing against small independent producers will no longer be able to join the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), it has been announced.

Craft showcase: Matthew Clark unveiled its new Boutique Beers range at Printworks in London this week

What will be the next big trends in beer?

By James Beeson

The craft beer industry is moving at a quite considerable pace, with new releases, on-trend styles and innovative serves appearing all the time.

Innovative taste: Big Drop's Sour is a 0.5% ABV version of a popular trend in craft beer

7 low-alcohol beers for 'mindful' drinkers

By James Beeson

While many new craft brewers are seemingly chasing numbers and producing ever-stronger beers, there are a whole range of great lower-strength ales and lagers available for more mindful drinkers.

Step up: the advanced course seeks to build upon the knowledge learnt in the foundation course

How to become a beer sommelier (Part Two)

By James Beeson

The Morning Advertiser returned to The Beer & Cider Academy to take its advanced course in beer - the next step on the journey towards becoming a beer sommelier.

Pressure: soft drinks businesses impacted by sugar levy

326 soft drinks makers hit by sugar tax

By Nikkie Sutton

HMRC has revealed that 326 soft drinks manufacturers have been affected by the ‘sugar tax’ according to research from a national accountancy group.

Here to stay: Mark Bentley insisted mainstream lager brands must remain stocked in pubs

Beer Summit

Why does mainstream lager have a bad reputation?

By James Beeson

The "lads and banter" marketing techniques employed by mainstream lager brands in the past has led to a negative image of brands such as Carling, Foster's and Carlsberg, according to Mark Bentley, on-trade category controller at Molson...

Off-trade beer: Richard Lee from Kantar Worldpanel talks supermarket sales

Beer Summit

Supermarket beer: a real threat to pubs?

By Nicholas Robinson

Craft beer sales in the off-trade have leapt significantly by 48% in the past year, with 4.6m households in the UK buying into the category, which is worth £136m to the off-trade.

Branching out: Lotte Peplow claims US beer exports don’t post a threat to UK brewers

Beer Summit

How big can US beer become in the UK?

By James Beeson

US beer exports are growing in the UK, fuelled by consumer “curiosity and experimentation”, according to Lotte Peplow, european representative for The Brewers Association.