Rising up: this year saw 66m more bottles of gin sold in the UK – a 41% increase on the previous year

Gin sales ‘almost double’ in two years

By Nikkie Sutton

Sales of gin in the UK have reached another record-breaking high boosted by this summer’s heatwave, World Cup fever and by Millennials discovering their love for pink and flavoured gins, new research has revealed.

Brew's talking: the cost of beer was a huge talking point this year

What were the pub trade’s biggest issues in 2018?

By Nikkie Sutton

This year made for an interesting one as issues ranged from changes in alcohol duty to a shortage of gas. The Morning Advertiser takes a look at some of the top issues that took place in the industry in 2018.

Rising trend: canned wine looks set to become a top alcohol trend in 2019

Will canned wine replace bottles?

By Robert Mann

Canned wine looks set to become one of the biggest alcohol trends of 2019 as Millennials opt for smaller measures to avoid binge drinking.

Brand development: Coke has spawned a plethora of brands across the globe

How Coca-cola plans to paint the world red

By Nicholas Robinson

When you hear the words ‘holidays are coming’ on TV, you know exactly what the advert is without looking and that Coca-Cola is driving that big red rig. Here is how the soft drinks behemoth is looking to the future.

 Just the tonic: finding the right mix is key to making a great drink

Finding the right solution to demand for great mixers

By Nicholas Robinson

When you add a tonic or soft drink to a spirit, the majority of the beverage is now the mixer so it makes sense to use the best that is available. It’s been a good year for mixers and there is no end to the innovation taking place.