Leader of the pack: London Pride aligns with all the key cask messages that Fuller's is passionate about

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The beautiful thing about cask

By Nicholas Robinson

Let’s be honest, sales of cask ale are currently moving in the wrong direction. But, with the love of a good industry and the unwavering support of real ale drinkers, a positive turnaround could occur

Spooky specials: what makes a beer appropriate for Halloween?

What makes a beer perfect for Halloween?

By Emily Hawkins

The market for beers relating to Halloween is one full of energy, but what does a beer really need to do to match the spooky season? The Morning Advertiser spoke to brewers to find out.

A long and social affair: alcohol consumption dates back 10 million years according to the latest scientific theories

How has alcohol changed in 10 million years?

By Phil Mellows

Alcohol was a poisonous substance millions of years ago. Happily, humans have evolved to be able to drink it and a recent two-day conference revealed the many positive effects of the liquid – especially when used as a part of everyday bonding rituals