Long experience: having originally trained as an accountant, Fozard set up a pubco in 1999 before taking over Rooster’s with his two sons in 2011

Big interview

More small breweries closing than opening, says SIBA chairman

By Nicholas Robinson

Ian Fozard may have quite a lot on his plate with major changes at his Rooster’s Brewery, but that hasn’t stopped him from also campaigning for radical change to beer tax and small breweries relief in his role as chairman of SIBA

Own brew: micro pubs and brewpubs aren’t new, but increased interest in locality and authenticity makes own-brewing an attractive proposition

Why pubs should brew their own beer

By James Beeson

Locality and a story are two of the most attractive things for a customer when deciding what to drink in the pub. Brewing your own beer could be an excellent way to make your venue stand out from the competition

Brew additions: the new canning line is part of a series of investments at the brewery

Dark Star gets new canning line

By Nikkie Sutton

Fuller’s-owned Dark Star has had a series of recent investments made into its brewery site in West Sussex.

Fairer: ABI scraps connection fees for small brewers

AB InBev scraps connection fees for small brewers

By Nicholas Robinson

Budweiser and Stella Artois brewer AB InBev has launched new line fees, which are claimed to be fairer than those already on the market and which involve scrapping charges for small producers.

Market leader: Pilsner-style brews account for nine out of 10 beers consumed in the world today

Beers that changed the world

By James Beeson

Every so often a beer comes along that stands out from the rest; a beer that clears a pathway for others to follow. Without these iconic products, beer as we know it would be a very different proposition

Rising up: craft beer sales in the UK have been growing at about 90%

430 new UK craft breweries opened in 2017

By Nikkie Sutton

More than 400 craft breweries businesses were unveiled in the UK in the 12 months to 31 December 2017, as craft beer increased its market share in the on and off-trade, new research has revealed.

Mindful drinking: brewers have finally cracked low and no-alcohol beer, says Pete Brown


Why Dry January is working for me

By Pete Brown

Improved technologies in de-alcoholising beer means people can enjoy products that used to be unpalatable

Difference of opinion: some brewers have argued the term 'craft' is subjective

How 'craft beer' is defined

By Nikkie Sutton

Craft? Artisan? Is there a term that describes the type of beer your customers may be happily getting stuck into lately? Perhaps it doesn’t even matter if it can be pigeon-holed.

Switch up: almost one quarter (24%) of those surveyed are drinking low-alcohol products or will do in the next six months

Booze-free boom is here to stay

By Nikkie Sutton

The trend of consumers drinking low and no-alcohol products won’t be going away, according to new research.

Early day motion: Belhaven brewery's 300th year has been recognised in the House of Commons

Belhaven brewery celebrates 300th birthday

By Emily Hawkins

The oldest working brewery in Scotland is set to celebrate its 300th birthday this year, with a special pale ale, visitor centre, and weekend music festival to mark the occasion.