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Everyone can serve a pornstar: popular cocktail founder creates easy serve

Premade Pornstar Martini launched

By Nicholas Robinson

Pornstar Martini creator Douglas Ankrah has launched a premade version of his original cocktail, which has become one of this century’s best-selling drinks in pubs and bars across the UK.

Off the wagon: men aren't supportive of women's choice to drink less


Men push women off #DryJanuary wagon

By Nicholas Robinson

Men are more likely to push their female partners off the #DryJanuary wagon, goad them into breaking healthy drinking plans and consume more alcohol than the other way round.

The Drinks List: Top 100 Brands

The Drinks List: Top 100 Brands

By Nicholas Robinson

Drinking habits are changing as consumers are faced with more choice than ever, but in The Morning Advertiser's Drinks List: Top 100 Brands, there is a positive story showing a healthy mix of the long-established mainstream brands sitting alongside...

Lower calorie options: SHS Drinks reveals its further plans to captivate consumers


WKD shows its NKD side

By Nikkie Sutton

SHS Drinks’ brand WKD has launched two, new lower calorie flavours to its portfolio in a further bid to attract a younger market.

Launch: Hooper's leading flavour has been unveiled in a non-glass serve.


Hooper’s enters RTS sector

By Nikkie Sutton

Drinks brand Hooper’s is set to penetrate the ready-to-serve (RTS) can sector with its leading flavour, Dandelion and Burdock.

Reinvention: WKD is set to be refreshed to reach out to 18 to 24-year-olds


WKD to be transformed for the 'now' generation

By Nikkie Sutton

WKD is set to undergo a “radical reinvention” with a new pack design across the range along with the launch of two new, lower-calorie flavours, following research into 18 to 24-year-olds. The brand will also unveil a new communications programme ‘WKD...

Curious brew: Kingsland seeks younger drinkers with new ready-to-drink beverage


Netting young wine drinkers takes sweet turn

By Nicholas Robinson

Childhood sweets have entered the wine suppliers' arsenal of tactics used to entice younger drinkers, following Kingsland Drinks reveal of its sweet-flavoured beverages at the London Wine Fair last week.

Barcelona beer Moritz is one of the first international beers on Interbev Brands' list


New global drinks distributor launched for UK on-trade

By Nicholas Robinson

International drinks distributor and retailer Interbev Limited has launched a new UK arm of its business – Interbev Brands – aimed at providing the on-trade with exclusive access to overseas brands.

An exciting new trade show has launched


Exciting new trade show - The Bar & Pub Show - launches

By Mike Berry

A new event dedicated to the bar and pub sector will run alongside this year's Restaurant Show at Olympia bringing together the best suppliers in the business with top operators that are transforming the UK’s on-trade.

Hybrid & niche venues remind us pubs need to stand out

Could these new venues be killing pubs?

By Nigel Huddleston

From cafes serving beer through to niche outlets where standard pubs don't answer the need, The Publican's Morning Advertiser looks at differing business models - the threats as well as the lessons.

Life is too short to not indulge yourself in great drinks

Less isn't always more

By Jessica Mason

Honesty and transparency in drinks creation is important, but so is the skill of a good blend. It is something that has been overlooked for some time. Why? Because, these days, we’re a bit suspicious of anything rogue. Is there horse meat in it? Nuts?...

The Summer of Bruv campaign runs from June - September

WKD gets social media push for summer

By Jessica Mason

SHS Drinks has launched a social media campaign for WKD to encourage people to engage with the brand and share content with friends this summer.

More than 12,000 WKD cocktail jugs and 15,000 WKD tins will be distributed to pubs and bars around the UK

WKD cocktail kits roll out to pubs

By Jessica Mason

SHS Drinks has launched two new cocktail servers and a series of easy-to-make cocktail recipes using WKD Blue, Red and Iron Brew as the base ingredient.

Haywood launches B52 shot

Haywood launches B52 shot

By Jessica Mason

Haywood Drinks has launched an RTD cream liqueur single shot sized cocktail.

RTDs: Keeping afloat?

Drinks Offer

RTDs: Ready To Sink?

By Nigel Huddleston

The RTD category has been in decline in recent times, but the Publican's Morning Advertiser has found some bright lights to keep the sector afloat. 

Spicier flavours will be in demand

What will we be drinking in 2020?

By Robyn Black

If kale, coconut water and craft beer were the tastes of 2014, what will we be drinking five years from now?

Try January: Promoting the trade (pic:

More operators sign up to Try January

By Jessica Mason

Try January, the campaign that calls on pubs and bars to reclaim January and challenge people to try new drinks and dishes and make the month more inspiring and experimental, has gathered further momentum with more operators, including Punch Taverns,...

Try January: PMA is launching a hashtag

PMA launches Try January campaign

By Jessica Mason

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser today launches a campaign for pubs and bars to reclaim January and challenge people to try new drinks and dishes and make the month more inspiring and experimental.

WKD sponsors Plebs

WKD goes for Plebs

By Robyn Black

From modern Essex to Ancient Rome, alcopop WKD has ramped up its marketing with a second TV sponsorship deal, this time for ITV2’s Plebs.

WKD advertising standards (ASA) ruling

WKD ads fall foul of ASA rules

By Robyn Black

Alcopop brand WKD has been rapped over the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for three of its adverts.

The three flavours contain no ginger

No ginger for new Crabbie's flavours

By Robyn Black

The Crabbie’s range is moving away from its position as just an alcoholic ginger beer brand, with the launch of two new varients that contain no ginger.

Portman Group chief said the marketing was too closely associated with irresponsible drinking

RTD brand Four Loko breaks alcohol marketing rules

By Helen Gilbert

Licensees and retailers in the UK have been advised against placing orders for stocks of Four Loko in its current packaging after it was found to break alcohol marketing rules.

Inventive Leisure overhauls drinks range for Revolution

Evolution for Revolution's drinks range

By Robyn Black

Inventive Leisure has ditched all of its existing draught lagers and ciders in favour of a raft of new brands, as it attempts to move away from vodka cocktails.

Christmas campaign for Crabbie's

Christmas campaign for Crabbie's

By Robyn Black

Halewood International is hoping to reach over 6 million people with a Christmas campaign for Crabbie’s.

WKD Brazilian is launched

SHS Drinks to launch ‘WKD Brazilian’

By Jessica Mason

SHS Drinks is set to launch ‘WKD Brazilian’, a new limited-edition drink billed as a “party in a bottle,” to join its WKD portfolio.

1 day on, 364 days off, #BestJobEver

Christmas campaign for WKD

By Robyn Black

A new Christmassy character called Nick is to spearhead a seasonal campaign for alcopop WKD.

The new-look VK range consists of five new flavours

VK range is rebranded by Global

By Robyn Black

Global Brands has rebranded its VK range, ditching traditional RTD flavours and replacing them with mixed fruit variants.

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