Spirits & Cocktails

Without booze: this alcohol-free cocktail is refreshing thanks to the grapefruit and mint ingredients

How to make: pink grapefruit cooler

By Nikkie Sutton

Bright sunshine and warm climates call for a drink that tickles the taste buds while quenching a thirst. The pink grapefruit cooler ticks all the boxes.

Map created: the UK has almost 100 distilleries

Where to drink whisky in the UK

By Nikkie Sutton

The first interactive map of whisky has been released, marking every whisky distillery across the UK.

Fake booze: some counterfeit alcohol has been found to contain anti-freeze, nail varnish removed, cleaning fluid and industrial spirits, among other things

WSTA cracks down on fake booze

By Nikkie Sutton

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has joined forces with Crimestoppers in a bid to crack down on criminals pedalling counterfeit alcohol.

Pop up drinks: All the secrets of taking your drinks offer outside and off site.

Drinks on the go

By Nikkie Sutton

Taking your drinks offer outside with a pop-up can provide a spike of excitement and pizazz, as well as adding another revenue stream

My Pub Garden: the Castle Inn, Lulworth, Dorset

In association with Fever-Tree

My Pub Garden: ‘This is how we created a G&T Garden’

By Nicholas Robinson

Set in the idyllic Dorset countryside, the Castle Inn, in Lulworth, has a sprawling garden and a terrace ripe for drinking a quenching gin and tonic. But general manager David Hargreaves-Putt explains there’s even more going on beyond the pub’s boundaries.

Not so secret gardens: turn your beer garden into a G&T Garden

In association with Fever-Tree

How to create your own Gin Garden of Eden

By Nicholas Robinson

It is no surprise the once humble gin and tonic is in steep growth, buoyed by increasing demand for exciting premium tonics, the proliferation of which has undoubtedly helped kick-start the gin revolution. So why aren’t we celebrating this enchanting...

How you like: drinkers told not to worry about how they drink their whiskey

Drink whiskey ‘any damn way you want’

By Nicholas Robinson

That's the advice of Jim Beam’s straight-talking head distiller Fred Noe, speaking on a visit to the UK from JB's homeland of Kentucky where the spirit has been distilled since 1795.

A good Spritz: Campari sales fizz up

Aperol Spritz drives up Campari’s UK sales

By Nicholas Robinson

Gruppo Campari’s UK sales have risen significantly, with a chunk of that growth coming from sales of Aperol, the main ingredient in the Aperol Spritz.

Bounty: three new lagers will give operators plenty of choose from when it comes to curating its range this summer

New products: Here come the lagers

By James Beeson

Three new launches signal the start of the great British summer, as premium and craft lager options continue to prove popular.

Green fingers: Distiller David Wilkinson (l) and botanist Dr Greg Kenicer (r)

Edinburgh Gin launches 'garden' variant

By Nicholas Robinson

Edinburgh Gin has launched a new variant in collaboration with the city’s Royal Botanic Garden, using rare and exotic ingredients grown and handpicked from the garden itself.