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Recipe for success: three ideas for the perfect gin and tonic

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Three G&T serves you won’t be able to resist

By Nicholas Robinson

The humble gin and tonic; what can go wrong and what more can be done to such a simple drink? The answer to both questions is, actually, quite a lot.

Herbaceous accompaniments: keep your gin garnishes fresh

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How to grow a gin garnish garden

By Nicholas Robinson

Whether you’re growing them on the bar for staff to garnish drinks with or in your pub garden for consumers to pick and choose for themselves, a G&T garnish garden is a quirky way to create a bit of atmosphere and theatre.

Tasty tipple: rum is predicted to be the next big trend in spirits, according to experts

Top drinks trends from Imbibe 2018

By Nikkie Sutton

A continuing demand for gin, dark and fruity beers, and sparkling wines are three trends that operators need to look out for, according to four drinks producers at this year’s Imbibe Live show.

Dismissive: González called the mocktail menu the equivalent of “the kids menu in a restaurant”.

How to cater for people who aren’t drinking

By James Beeson

The on-trade needs to do more to “disentangle the notion that there needs to be a not-sober experience in every bar”, according to renowned bartender and self-care advocate Giuseppe González.

Whisky is on the up

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Unravel the complexities of whisky

By Nicholas Robinson

The complexity of whisky as a category means there is a product or style for every customer, a situation made clear in new sales data that shows pockets of significant growth, as well as areas of real sales potential.

Industry threat: any plans to raise duty could impact alcohol sales

Booze sales could be damaged with duty freeze cut

By Nicholas Robinson

Scrapping the alcohol duty freeze put in place last year by Government is “counter-productive”, and will increase pressure on cash-strapped consumers, the Wine & Spirit Trade Association has warned (WSTA).

Endless combinations: most plants can be used in a gin mix so it offers creativity (image credit: DrPASk/CuCuRemus/iStock/Thinkstock.co.uk)

What is the future of gin?

By Nikkie Sutton

The gin bubble has been afloat for a while now and while some experts say it’s time to burst will come, others state that gin is here to stay.

Cheers: whisky can be young and fun

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How can we increase whisky sales?

By Nicholas Robinson

Dark, moody and complex are three words few would deny succinctly describe the whisky category. However, though seemingly innocuous, such an ‘inoffensive’ handful of words is actually detrimental to whisky’s ability to step up its performance.

A garden of Eden: inside the Duke of Cambridge, Surrey

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In the gin garden of Surrey’s Duke of Cambridge

By Nicholas Robinson

Close to the scenic Surrey Hills, with a cricket green and golf course nearby, the Duke of Cambridge attracts a wide range of clientele. As operations manager Paul Griffiths explains, many enjoy a G&T in the large suntrap garden, which features a...

How much? Government raking in record amounts on alcohol duty

Government making a mint from your booze sales

By Nicholas Robinson

The Treasury is continuing to make a mint from UK booze sales, despite a freeze on alcohol duty in November, showing the sector can remain fruitful without another hike.

Tricky situation:  the nation's smaller craft gin distillers could face testing times, according to the WSTA

A hard Brexit 'could wipe gin out'

By Nikkie Sutton

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has warned the UK could be faced with a gin drought if a no-deal Brexit comes to pass.