Map created: the UK has almost 100 distilleries

Where to drink whisky in the UK

By Nikkie Sutton

The first interactive map of whisky has been released, marking every whisky distillery across the UK.

Curious: beer trends to be revealed at MA Beer Summit in July

Savvy beer drinkers no longer seeking ‘brands for life’

By James Beeson

The increased availability of information about drinks online has created a generation of “highly educated and discerning” consumers who are less brand-loyal than their older counterparts, according to the managing director of Curious Brewery.

Long running: the Great British Beer Festival is in its 41st year

Alcohol-free beer to debut at GBBF

By Nikkie Sutton

This year’s Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) will be offering alcohol-free beer for the first time in its 41 year history, from Dutch-based Braxzz Brewery.

Fake booze: some counterfeit alcohol has been found to contain anti-freeze, nail varnish removed, cleaning fluid and industrial spirits, among other things

WSTA cracks down on fake booze

By Nikkie Sutton

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has joined forces with Crimestoppers in a bid to crack down on criminals pedalling counterfeit alcohol.

Pop up drinks: All the secrets of taking your drinks offer outside and off site.

Drinks on the go

By Nikkie Sutton

Taking your drinks offer outside with a pop-up can provide a spike of excitement and pizazz, as well as adding another revenue stream

Softies revolution: Quality, organic, locally sourced ingredients are key to success

Joining the craft movement

By Andrew Don

With consumers increasingly adopting healthier lifestyles and turning away from sugary mass-produced products, soft drinks producers are embracing crafted alternatives in order to cash in on the latest trends