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2021 is here, bringing with it colder weather and the nation's third lockdown. In the midst of the winter months, operators all around the country are facing a tough challenge – how to recoup the losses from the pandemic-stricken last year.
The MA500 Online event in February​ will be taking a look at some of the challenges facing pub businesses, including issues with insurance & marketing, and looking to the future with growth and funding streams.

Due to the nature of the topics we'll be covering, coupled with the uncertainty that the coronavirus crisis has brought to the pub industry, our next MA500 Online event will be open and free to all​. If you'd like to attend, simply register here​.

Some of our topics to be covered include:

• UK Hospitality's Kate Nicholls​ gives an update on the current situation, what she and her team are working on and where she sees things heading.

• The Shape of the Future​ — Pubs are always evolving but this pandemic has accelerated the need for change. We speak to a range of experts on how that is likely to shape up, including Brewdog's James Brown​, who will be talking about the company's Desk Dog initiative, Yummy Pubs Anthony Pender​, who will be talking about how his operations has embraced the takeaway and delivery market and built a thriving home cocktail operation in lockdown, and Zonal's Alison Vasey​, about how technology will continue to drive change into the future.

Insurance Issues​ — With the outcries over pandemic payouts and the recent High Court case, insurance has become a thorny topic. Hospitality Insurance specialist Steven Swift of Sector Associates​ outlines where the sector stands in the wake of the court case, how relationships need to be rebuilt and what challenges lie ahead when it comes to covering your business.

• Marketing Matters​ — It's vital operators maintain profile and contact with customers despite the lockdown. Marketing expert Mark McCulloch​ will be giving insight into how you can push your business in a lockdown, along with five great examples he's seen.

• Legal Update​ — The licensing world has been turned on its head by the government’s response to the crisis. Legal expert James Anderson from Poppleston Allen​ will provide an update to the current landscape outlining the current challenges and opportunities for operators.

Growth Against the Odds​ — Despite the challenges of the pandemic and the economic recession its creating, operators are continuing to plan for growth, if not grow themselves. We'll be talking to three leading operators about how they're adapting to the market and looking to expand, with Inn Collection Groups Sean Donkin​ covering how he's expanding his estate despite the lockdown, former Hawthorn boss Gerry Carroll​ on how he's looking to launch a brand new pubco and Loungers Alex Reilly​ on his businesses plans, and how their choice of location was key ahead of the crisis.

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