The going rate: David Shuttleworth of Altus Group discusses the process of appealing pub business rates

Appealing pub business rates

By Stuart Stone

David Shuttleworth, vice-president of ratings advisory company Altus Group, explains how to go about the process of appealing against pub business rates.

Labelling issues: current regulations cause confusion

A guide to low and non-alcohol descriptors

By Poppleston Allen

Following the increasing popularity of low and no-alcohol drinks, the Government has responded to calls for the need to review the labelling of such drinks before the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 expire in December 2018

Investing in outdoor equipment is a great idea, but make sure you do your homework first

Pub property: Outdoor pursuits

By Stuart Stone

Investing in your pub’s outdoor infrastructure in time to cash in on summer footfall can provide a huge boost for business. Here are the boxes that need ticking before breaking ground on a new outdoor project