One glass too many: Even one glass related incident can warrant attention from police

Legal Q&A: one glass too many

By Poppleston Allen

This legal Q&A takes a look at the impact of a police request for a venue to switch from glass to polycarbonate drinking vessels, and the ins and outs of transforming a site from a restaurant operation to a bar.

Figures revealed: large companies in the UK had until midnight on 4 April to disclose gender pay figures

Pub groups reveal gender pay gap figures

By Fred A'Court

Wide variations in what men and women are paid by pub groups have been revealed on the Government’s website looking at the gender pay gap.

Core values: The fundamental principles of GDPR relate to accountability, transparency and individuals’ rights

How pubs can stay on top of GDPR

By Poppleston Allen

Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May will affect all organisations from head office level down to individual premises. While this is a complex area, below are some general comments:

Pub loses licence after knife attack

By Stuart Stone

The Prince of Wales, in Rochester, Kent, has had its licence revoked with immediate effect following a knife attack on 10 March.

Knowing your fixtures and fittings is essential when you're buying or selling a pub (Pic credit: adekvat/

More than a bit part: pub fixtures and fittings

By Stuart Stone

The ability to nail down pub fixtures and fittings is key to buying and selling a premises. Here is a basic guide to some of your business’s moving – and non-moving – parts that may or may not need pricing

Live-in: guardians now look after 15 empty London pubs

Who are London's pub property guardians?

By Stuart Stone

Calling a Live-in Guardian to stay in an empty pub while the site is between tenants or it's longer term future is being determined offers property owners a large number of benefits .

Demand for coastal destinations, such as Margate in Kent, is expected to continue

Regional focus on...the Home Counties

By Stuart Stone

Our regional focus on the Home Counties focuses on the best pubs in Kent, Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Deposit scheme: the Government has announced it intends to introduce a single-use deposit scheme

What impact could a deposit scheme have on pubs?

By Stuart Stone

The hospitality industry has reacted to news that the Government intends to introduce a deposit scheme for single-use glass, plastic bottles, and steel and aluminium cans.

Not just gender issues: research shows the disparity of pay in the hospitality sector

Hospitality has 'significant levels' of pay disparity

By Georgina Townshend

Women working in pubs are paid on average £2,279 (8.4%) less than men, according to research that revealed "significant levels" of pay disparity in the hospitality sector not only by gender, but nationality and job function as well.