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No science: ‘The ability for one to remain vertical used to be one of the primary demonstrations of sobriety in order to obtain service now it is borderline criminal’


‘No science’ to support mandatory table service

By Gav Young, the Plough and Barleycorn, Isle of Wight

Now that we have sight of the long-awaited roadmap out of lockdown three, it is once again clear that the Government does not understand what a public house is or what it does.

Part played: a report from UKHospitality urged that the sector be central to reopening plans after the third lockdown

Why is hospitality safe to reopen?

By Nikkie Thatcher

Rigorous cleaning regimes, adequate ventilation and the use of Test & Trace are just three examples of why the hospitality sector is safe to reopen, a report from trade body UKHospitality (UKH) has claimed.

Community hubs: operators have offered their sites to help the vaccination roll out

Pubs offer themselves up as vaccine hubs

By Nikkie Thatcher

A number of hospitality operators have put their venues forward as Covid vaccination hubs after it was revealed almost one in four people in England live somewhere with no vaccination centre.

Hygiene help: which products are available for pubs to support licensees in opening and running their businesses safely?

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Cleanliness key in fight against coronavirus

By Ed Bedington

Hygiene standards have proven to be a key weapon in the battle against the coronavirus, and with pubs gearing up to open at the end of the latest lockdown, they will continue to play a vital role.

Robust and safe procedures: the Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest threat the hospitality industry has faced in a generation

How to manage your risk when closing a venue due to Covid

By Mark Flanagan, CEO of Shield Safety Group

The recent introduction of tiered alert systems, fire breakers, lockdowns and circuit breakers across the UK and Ireland means that for thousands of hospitality businesses adapting, planning and preparing have never been more crucial.

Live updates: latest on the Government's pub-related coronavirus restrictions

lockdown live

Prime Minister pledges cash for wet pubs

By Emily Hawkins

Most areas in England will be placed into tier two measures this week while pubs in a number of areas must remain closed under the strictest rules.

Rapidly increasing: 'London is at medium in the Government’s new alert levels. However, Londoners should understand that this could change very quickly – potentially even this week,' a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said

London could be classed as 'high' risk within days

By Stuart Stone

New tier two Covid-19 restrictions banning different households from mixing indoors could be introduced across the capital as early as this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned.

Get ready: pubs are legally required to display posters promoting the use of the new NHS Covid app from today (Thursday 24 September)

Pubs legally required to display NHS app codes

By Emily Hawkins

Pubs are legally required to display an official QR code poster from today (Thursday 24 September) so customers can check-in on the newly-launched NHS coronavirus app.

Pub focus: 'by and large, we believe the hospitality sector has been ahead of the curve in terms of developing and implementing effective hygiene and safety measures that protect customers,' according to Food Alert's David Bashford


Why are pubs being blamed for a second coronavirus spike?

By Stuart Stone

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, pubs have been the subject of an inflated number of newspaper column inches with one outlet claiming they have become the focus for 'pandemic Britain’s culture wars'. But is it unfair the spotlight remains...

Restrictions eased: since pubs reopened on 4 July, schools and universities have also reopened and the public has been encouraged to return to work

How many coronavirus cases since pubs reopened?

By Nikkie Thatcher

With Government and health experts seemingly pointing the finger at pubs, The Morning Advertiser analyses the number of coronavirus cases reported since the sector reopened up until 15 September.

Comment by Nicholas Robinson, Managing Editor


Could new coronavirus laws be helpful?

By Nicholas Robinson

New laws announced by the Government to help protect the public from the coronavirus may sound like another layer of damaging bureaucracy for pubs, but they could be helpful.

Bolton restrictions: the Government has ordered all pubs in the town to close for eating or drinking in

Bolton pubs limited to takeaways

By Emily Hawkins

Pubs in the Greater Manchester town of Bolton will only be allowed to operate as takeaways in a tightening of local coronavirus restrictions there.

Calorie guidance for pubs

Pubs asked to reduce calories by 20%

By Emily Hawkins

The Government has set out voluntary calorie guidelines for hospitality venues as part of its plan to tackle obesity.

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