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Vending machine ban could damage pubs

Scots ban pub cigarette vending machines

By Ewan Turney

Pubs will stop selling cigarettes and will ultimately lose customers if vending machines are banned in Scotland, according to the SBPA.

M&B's Harvester has committed to the plan

Pub chains commit to healthy eating

By Ewan Turney

Six of the Britain's leading pub restaurant chains have agreed to reduce salt and saturated fats in a bid to help people eat more healthily outside...

Vending machines may have to have restrictions

Cig vending machines safe..for now

By Tony Halstead

Government plans new ways to make access harder for children, but has not ruled out a ban in 2013 if measures fail.

Hot topic: deadline is 2010

Gas rules to change

By John Harrington

Pubs with older cellar cooling and air-conditioning systems may have to upgrade them to abide by European rules from the start of 2010. New checks...

Tender trap: Yorkshire hosts have been caught out

'Family' trap for underage cig sales

By Tony Halstead

Licensees are being caught out by new-style entrapment tactics employed by trading standards officers to target underage tobacco sales. Officers are...

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