Licensing law

Beer walls and apps are the much publicised latest leaps forward in alcohol delivery tech

Facing up to latest innovations

By Poppleston Allen

There has been publicity in recent months concerning a couple of technical innovations in terms of the delivery of alcohol to customers within licensed premises.

Good advice: ensuring all staff are fully trained is key to a safe festive period

Legal top tips: getting into the Christmas spirit

By Poppleston Allen

Christmas is just around the corner and while you may be looking forward to taking advantage of the increase in trade, it is important to ensure your customers do
not get carried away with the Christmas ‘spirit’ and over indulge by having one...

Special permission: a temporary event notice authorise licensable activities at one-off or occasional events

Get your TENs in now for a happy Christmas

By Poppleston Allen

The festive season is fast approaching and for many in the hospitality industry and legal experts Poppleson Allen look at how to make the most of it.