Brexit deal: the pros and cons among trade leaders, ahead of the EU's vote on Sunday

Trade reacts to new Brexit declaration

By Emily Hawkins

Trade leaders have been responding to the announcement that the political declaration on the future relationship of the UK and EU has been agreed.

Forward planning: temporary event notices can be key for the festive period

Dealing with TENs for the festive period

By Poppleston Allen

Bonfire night is becoming a distant memory and, before we know it, we will be entering the festive period, a key time for the licensed trade.

Taking measures: restrictions on drinking at airports effectively penalises the responsible majority

Evidence call on airport drinking

By Poppleston Allen

The Government has called for evidence to be submitted by 1 February 2019 regarding the impact of excessive consumption of alcohol airside in airports.

Charity merger: Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK have merged to form a new organisation

Alcohol Change UK launches after merger

By Stuart Stone

Alcohol Concern – the charity behind Dry January – has merged with Alcohol Research UK to form a new organisation to reduce serious alcohol-related harm in the UK.

Safety: How can you keep your staff and customers secure?

Security in pubs: my camera never lies

By Fred A'Court

Safety issues are not only vital in keeping your customers out of harm’s way, they must be controlled so you retain your licence and stay out of legal trouble. Here, we look at how CCTV is crucial in general, and also at countering drugs and terrorism...