Drink driving and bankruptcy query: Will a drink driving conviction and having been declared bankrupt impact someone's ability to be a site's DPS?

Legal Q&A: Drink driving, bankruptcy and CVAs

By Poppleston Allen

The latest legal Q&A from specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen looks at the impact of bankruptcy and a drink driving conviction on employment as well as what options are on the table to manage a barren spell in business.

Staying on track: what responsibility pub operators have to ensure that cyclists don’t exceed legal drinking limits?

What do pubs need to know about alcohol and cycling?

By Stuart Stone

What are the laws on cycling and alcohol consumption, and what responsibility do pub operators have to ensure cyclists don’t exceed legal drinking limits if they are riding their bike to and from the pub?

Second session: the UK Hospitality Commission 2030 aims to bring bodies together to support the sector

UKHospitality: Government must 'step up' to support sector

By Stuart Stone

Trade body UKHospitality has called upon the Government to “step up” and support the hospitality industry at the second session of the UK Hospitality Commission 2030 on 12 June at the Houses of Parliament.

Crisis plan: Operators are advised to hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Realities of a crisis management plan

By Poppleston Allen

Even the very best operators can have a serious incident of some description occur at their premises. This could be licensing related eg, a mass brawl or stabbing, or it could relate to another area of regulatory control such as health and safety or food...

Serious reaction: adhering to legislation that covers allergies is vitally important

Top operator restores confidence after nut allergy mistake

By Claire Churchard

A customer with a severe nut allergy was recently served nuts at the Oxford branch of the Alchemist despite telling the waiting staff about her allergy and being told specifically that the meal she was ordering did not contain nuts.