Pub Food

Popular meal: pizza is the leading dish, consumed on almost one quarter (23%) of visits

Serving pizza pays profits

By Nikkie Sutton

With sales of pizza showing the biggest increase in leading out-of-home lunch and dinner dishes, savvy operators would be wise to take a slice of the action.

Transporting overseas: there have been calls for the Government to set out what checks they intend to do on food imports

Brexit 'pushing food prices up'

By Nikkie Sutton

With almost one third (30%) of food eaten in the UK currently coming from the EU, post-Brexit trade barriers are threatening to disrupt supply and as a result, push prices up, meaning pubs might have to charge more for their food, a new report has found.

Boost your food offer with a new dining range at your premesis

Pub tableware: The great plate debate

By Stuart Stone

With a public backlash against single-use plastic materials in pubs, increasing numbers of ethically minded consumers and the simultaneous demand that your venue and food be Instagrammable, customers are piling a lot on publicans’ plates

Sweet sensation: pineapple is enjoying a culinary comeback

Three ways to serve pineapple

By Emma Eversham

The tropical fruit is back in fashion and can add that something extra to both a sweet or savoury dish.

On the up: pubs have shown price increases on their menus across the board

Pubs passing on highest price increases

By Nikkie Sutton

The highest price increases on menus were seen within the pub sector, where an average price rise of 1.9% compared to last year was seen on dishes on 2018 menus, according to a new report.

Pushing forward: the fall in inflation has been driven by stability in the supply of products

Food prices remain low

By Nikkie Sutton

Wholesale foodservice price inflation has remained relatively low at 1.8% in March, continuing a level of stability after a turbulent 18 months for the sector.