Sustainable Restaurant Association managing director, Mark Linehan:

Casual Dining

National living wage 'could be positive for pubs'

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs can thrive under the national living wage (NLW) when it comes into force on 1 April, two operators have said, despite dire warnings from other trade leaders who say otherwise.

Food fraud is a growing and serious threat to all food businesses, experts have warned

Food Safety

Britain’s fruit and veg supplies ‘overlapped by drug cartels’

By Nicholas Robinson

The countries supplying Britain's fresh fruit and vegetables are overlapped by drug-smuggling gangs, an expert in the field has revealed, following warnings that operators may have long-since been at risk of many types of food fraud.

What's new in pub desserts?

Dessert Report

Nine things you need to know about desserts in pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers are pickier than ever, especially when it comes to foods that are perceived to be bad for health and the waistline. Here are nine things you need to know to put a succesful dessert offer on in your pub.

Food crime and fraud will affect pubs, say experts

Food Safety

Food fraud ‘very real danger to pubs’

By Nicholas Robinson

Food fraud and crime are very real and growing dangers to operators serving food, who should have strong preventative systems in place, a group of experts in the field have warned.

'Food safety must now become more of a priority for pubs,' experts have urged

News Analysis: Food Safety

‘Multimillion-pound fines’ for unsafe food operators

By Nicholas Robinson

Diners need to know the food they are eating at your site is safe but some experts fear budget cuts could see a reduction in safety measures. Nicholas Robinson investigates