Healthy options

Call for exercise-equivalent calorie labelling

Healthy options

Call for exercise-equivalent calorie labelling

By Oli Gross

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has called for 'activity-equivalent' calorie labelling, which would show how much exercise would be required to burn off calories contained in food and drink.

Grains, such as quinoa, will remain popular in 2016, according to Vegetarian Express


Vegetarian food draws customers to pubs in January

By Nicholas Robinson

Heavily-promoting healthy food options in January can tempt fat-fighting consumers through pub doors during the period of self-restraint, a vegetarian and vegan food distributor has claimed.

Key healthy food trends for foodservice sector in 2016


Healthy food options: what's coming in 2016?

By Nicholas Robinson

As more people decide they know what’s best for their own health, Alison Baker looks at how pubs can offer food and drink to meet requirements

67% of men and 57% of women respectively in the UK are overweight or obese

Sugar Tax

Sugar tax and nutritional labelling enforced under lobby group’s plans

By Nicholas Robinson

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing increased pressure from the sugar lobby group Action on Sugar (AoS) to implement a heavy tax on sugary food and drink and to enforce nutritional labelling on menus to help tackle the UK’s growing obesity epidemic.

Soil Association calls for traffic light labelling on menus

Obesity debate

Mandatory nutrition labelling on pub menus

By Nicholas Robinson

Government should make nutritional information on pub menus mandatory to help combat the UK’s growing obesity crisis, a senior Soil Association policy advisor has urged.

'Make child-sized versions of adult dishes,' says Harvester

Children’s menus

Big pub chains reveal top menu tips for kids

By Nicholas Robinson

Senior head office staff from Wetherspoons, Harvester and the Soil Association (SA) have revealed their top tips for creating a nutritious and cost-effective pub food menu for children.