Top dog: BrewDog gives beer sales breakdown

Which BrewDog beers should you stock?

By Nicholas Robinson

Following its whopping annual sales increase of 97%, BrewDog has revealed its best-selling beers as well as the formats customers want the most.

Beer sales boom: BrewDog co-founder James Watt

BrewDog UK sales rose by 97% in 2016

By Nikkie Sutton

BrewDog's total UK sales soared by 97% last year and annual turnover was up 60%, making the Scottish brewer one of the fastest growing craft beer brands in the world.

New brews: Butcombe launched the two beers to celebrate its founding in 1978

Butcombe invades craft beer market

By Nikkie Sutton

Butcombe Brewing Co is to launch two new beers this month, Invader and Forty Two, in a bid to showcase its craft-brewing credentials.

Crafty: mainstream lager brands look to craft

How far will mainstream lager makers take craft?

By Nicholas Robinson

Big brewers are flexing their muscles to stay on top of the industry by investing in craft beer, but why are customers finding the quirkier styles more enticing and will it stay that way?

Deal struck: Marston's will distribute beer to part of Punch's current estate

Punch strikes distribution deal with Marston’s

By Nicholas Robinson

Punch will change its delivery service ahead of its proposed takeover by Heineken and Patron Capital, following current distributor Carlsberg’s announcement to withdraw its UK delivery service.

Gap in the market: Peroni Ambra to be served over ice with orange twist

Peroni wades in on aperitivo segment

By Nicholas Robinson

Asahi-owned Peroni is making a bigger push of its first aperitivo beer in the same week Gruppo Campari announced a massive growth in Aperol and Campari sales.

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