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Operator view: 'the badly operated businesses won’t suddenly become sensible operators until 10pm every day'


'Guests as safe at 11pm as as at noon'

By Cheryl Hickman, the Bull at Barton Mills, Suffolk

We have been following all of the guidance to keep our team and customers safe from the beginning. We’ve faced abuse from people who think it’s all a load or rubbish and had to turn people away that refused to give details - not by law, by choice.

New term, new normal: how are pubs anticipating students returning to university? (images: L-R, N Chadwick, Geograph; Stephen Boisvert, Flickr; Lisa Jarvis, Geograph)


Students 'frustrated' with nights out ending at the pub

By Emily Hawkins

Online classes and regular coronavirus testing are not the only changes for students heading back to university this autumn, with clubs closed for the foreseeable future and new laws limiting social gatherings.

Three steps: simple ways to watch this year's GBPAs

Watch: The Great British Pub Awards – Pub Heroes

How to watch the GBPAs for free

By Nicholas Robinson

The finalists have been announced, the votes cast and we’re ready to reveal the Pub Heroes of this year’s Great British Pub Awards (GBPA).

Booming market: 'Low2NoBev2021 has been developed to provide unrivalled insight into the business benefits of getting the right products on the drinks menu,' William Reed's Dan Dixon said

Low2NoBev2021 dates and venue revealed

By MA Editorial

Trade show Low2NoBev2021 has been developed to help drive the low and no alcohol sector forward through immersive experiences, insights and thought leadership.

Vocal minority: pubs have said the majority of customers have been guidance-compliant and respectful


‘Difficult customers a minority’

By Emily Hawkins

Since reopening, many pub operators have taken to social media to lament experiences of customers being rude to pub staff or leaving unreasonable reviews online.

Competition open: vote for your favourite now

Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists – Community Services

By Nikkie Thatcher

One positive thing that came out of the coronavirus lockdown was the incredible community spirit people across the nation showed and pubs highlighted how important they are, even when their doors were closed.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes - Punch Pub Hero

By Ed Bedington

The corona crisis gave pubs across the opportunity the opportunity to shine, despite the challenges they faced, and Punch Pub tenants were quick to step up to the mark.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists – Business Continuity

By Nicholas Robinson

Despite all the odds, hundreds of pubs continued to trade during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, with many of them not only maintaining decent sales through diversification, but also managing to serve the needs of their communities.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists - Charity Champion

By Ed Bedington

Pubs are well known for their support of charities, raising many millions of pounds a year, and while lockdown might have threatened their businesses, many operators continued to champion those charitable causes.

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Meet the GBPA Pub Heroes finalists - Staff Welfare

By Emily Hawkins

There has been no greater time of uncertainty for those working in the pub sector and the coronavirus pandemic saw teams separated and facing a daunting future during lockdown.

Shining a light: this category highlights the businesses that pivoted amid the pandemic

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Business Continuity

By Ed Bedington

Lockdown hit pubs first and hardest, and while many operators were forced to shut up shops and weather the storm, some managed to pivot their operations and keep on trading.

Celebration time: the awards aim to highlight top businesses

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero for Keeping the Community Entertained?

By Ed Bedington

Pubs have long played a key role in providing entertainment, from gigs to quizzes, and during lockdown they continued to keep the many struggling people in isolation entertained. Were you one of those pubs?

Pub awards: this category celebrates pubs that have supported front line workers

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Front Line Support

By Ed Bedington

One of the key difficulties faced during lockdown was supporting front line workers, and pubs did not shy away from the challenge.

Food for thought: the Great British Pub Awards are open for entries

great british pub awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Feeding the Community

By Ed Bedington

Pubs are a vital lifeline for many in the community and despite the challenges of lockdown, many pubs continued to provide meals to vulnerable people.

Helping the community: pubs have until Friday 24 July to enter the awards

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Community Services

By Ed Bedington

The corona crisis saw pubs come into their own within their local communities, stepping up to ensure vulnerable people were looked after.

Community offer: many pubs turned into shops during the coronavirus pandemic and we want to hear from them

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Pub Shop

By Ed Bedington

When the chips were down and supplies were running low, pubs stepped up to ensure their communities were kept fed and watered, and now The Morning Advertiser (MA) is looking to recognise that.

Charity category: pubs have until Friday 24 July to enter the awards

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Charity Champion

By Ed Bedington

Charity is a key part of most pubs’ DNA, and despite the challenges the corona crisis has thrown at the sector, pubs have continued to do their bit.

Team safety: the category will celebrate pubs that have gone above and beyond to look after their staff

Great British Pub Awards

Are you a GBPA Hero? Staff Welfare

By Ed Bedington

Staff welfare has been vital as the pub sector weathered the corona crisis storm, and now The Morning Advertiser (MA) is looking to recognise those operators that did a fantastic job looking after their staff.

Slow sales: as expected, pubs experienced a drop in like-for-like sales in their reopening week, according to CGA data

Reopening week sees 40% sales dip

By Emily Hawkins

Pub groups reported collective like-for-like sales down almost 40% on the same week last year for their reopening week, according to data from Coffer Peach Business Tracker.

'Heartless': the managing director of Bath Pub Company has said no-shows are 'beyond belief' given the struggle of the pub trade because of Covid-19

Pub boss slams 'damaging and heartless' no shows

By Emily Hawkins

The head of a city-based pub group was left feeling “incredulous” following a number of no-show bookings on the first weekend of trading after the Covid-19 shutdown.

Enter now: entries for this year's Great British Pub Awards close on 24 July

Great British Pub Awards

Hunt is on for GBPA lockdown pub heroes

By Ed Bedington

The hunt is on for the true pub heroes of the coronavirus crisis as part of a one-off Great British Pub Awards.

How are pubs gearing up for opening?

Cautious approach for pub opening

By Ed Bedington

With just one day to go until pubs are able to start opening their doors, the race is on to get ready and compliant with the Government guidelines.

How can small pubs operate under the Government guidance?

Big challenges for small operators

By Ed Bedington

While the news that distancing measures were being relaxed from 2m to 1m is being celebrated, for some operators, even 1m is going to be a challenge.

Online alternatives: publicans have been encouraged to look at how to incorporate online events with social distancing


‘Keep online quizzes local and true to life’

By Emily Hawkins

Jay Flynn, whose Virtual Pub Quiz broke a Guinness World Record earlier this month, shared his tips on running a successful online pub quiz, which include keeping question topics accessible and using word-of-mouth marketing.

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