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One in three businesses overpaying on energy

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A report prepared for the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (ORGEM) last year by consumer consultancy agency Quadrangle revealed that a third of businesses are massively overpaying on energy bills.

According to the findings of ‘Micro and small business customer engagement in the energy market, 2016’ the two most common gripes from customers dissatisfied with their energy provider were value for money (46%) and the visibility of information on available tariffs (49%).

However, despite potentially overpaying to the tune of £1,000, less than one in four businesses switched supplier – with a quarter of non-switchers saying that the complexities of what they perceived to be a time consuming process deterred them.


With pubs facing financial pressures such as rising business rates and supply costs, steadily increasing staff wages and the looming uncertainty of Brexit, pinching pennies on utilities wherever possible is essential.

As such, changing energy supplier could potentially have a huge impact on keeping a pub profitable.

The main motivating factor behind the small number of switchers upping sticks and taking their business elsewhere was because they found a cheaper deal, with 85% of switchers citing this as their motivation in moving. Make It Cheaper’s Do It For You service can provide insights into the best offers.

The service reduces the complexities surrounding the renewal and switching processes – whether is is for electricity, gas, insurance, phone and broadband, water or finance– by searching a selected panel of providers – including the ‘big six’ - for the contract that best suits the searcher.

Businesses simply sign up to Do It For You and the service handles leg work such as the contract admin, supplier conversations, keeping you updated along the way.

Not only will Make It Cheaper save you hours of precious time, but you’ll also get great prices.