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3 Steps To Simplifying Your Beer Range And Maximising Profits

Decisions, decisions. Now, more than ever, people on both sides of the bar are faced with a bewildering choice of drinks. World beers. Craft. Cask. Familiar favourites. They’re all competing for bar space. But there’s only room for a certain amount of fonts on a bar and barrels in a cellar.

So let’s get things into perspective with the help of an old adage: you can’t please all of the people all of the time. And here’s our twist on it – you can please most of the people most of the time.

How? Firstly, by ensuring your venue offers customers a great experience. Without it, no matter how good your range or competitive your prices, customers will drink elsewhere. If the experience is right then taking the clear and effective advice the category experts here at Molson Coors recommend will make a big difference. And that advice is to strike a balance.

Outlets would be crazy not to cash-in on the growing popularity of world and craft beers. They’re doing an amazing job in driving interest in the category.

Category value (£m) and YoY performance​:
· World Lagers: £1.9 billion +10%
· Total Craft Beer: £805m Total +15%

They’re new. Exciting. Innovative. For owners and customers alike. So these emerging brands are certainly worth a place in your range. So too the premium brands. Their trade-up potential is just too good to miss out on.

But, (and this is crucial), while world and craft make the headlines, the value and volume is being made by the familiar favourites – the core brands in your mainstream range.

These everyday, quality, trusted beers are backed-up by big budget marketing campaigns. Think Carling’s Premier League sponsorship. And the many high profile activations that are keeping mainstream brands front of mind with customers. They’re your bread and butter. The lifeblood of any outlet. So they deserve pride of place in your beer range.

Even with the rise in popularity of world and craft, mainstream beers are still the category’s big performers, accounting for 6 in every 10 pints sold and representing 56% of draught sales value.

It’s why the Molson Coors category experts recommend that outlets take 3 essential steps to strike the right balance of beers after getting their experience sorted, in order to drive category value and ultimately hear that glorious sound of ringing tills:

STEP 1: MAXIMISE YOUR CORE BRANDS​ – Mainstream players pull in the drinkers. It’s that simple. 50% of lager drinkers consume standard lager and represent 60% of serves. And they consume more per occasion than premium lager drinkers. So focus on your mainstream range. Streamline it to give customers an easier choice, because customers love easy.

STEP 2: ENCOURAGE TRADE-UP​ – Customers are happy to pay more for premium choices, as long as they are delivered in the right way. So take simple steps like pouring drinks correctly and serving them in branded glassware.

STEP 3: INSPIRE CHOICE​ – by simplifying your core range, you’ll create space for new and emerging category favourites such as craft and cask.

Creating an experience. Getting the balance of beers right. That’s the way to meet most people’s needs most of the time. And you’ll find it works wonders when it comes to range, pricing and promotion too.

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