Easy Rack

Easyrack has been established since 1989. In this time we have developed all of our stillage equipment to be the best quality. We now supply most of the major brewers and pub/restaurant companies throughout the UK.

The Auto-Tilt Freestanding Unit Holds 9-22 gallon containers with no adjustment needed for the different size containers. Our Auto-Tilt will maximize full usage of barrel content therefore nothing is wasted either time or money! At the front end of the Auto-Tilt there is an allen stud which is used to alter the angle (tilt) because some beers carry more ullage than others, this will prevent ullage being drawn through the beer lines. The Auto-Tilt stillage is zinc plated to prevent corrosion. At £59.00 with next day delivery exc vat we are competitively priced.

We also supply double racking stillages, manual stacker trucks and heavy duty bottle racking.