Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery

It is almost impossible to believe that The Black Sheep Brewery is only 19 years old.

Since first making an appearance in pubs in and around the Yorkshire Dales in October 1992 our beers have gone from strength to strength.

Black Sheep beers are now distributed not only across the UK but around the world, brewing over 20 million pints a year.

Over the last few years, Black Sheep has considerably expanded the market for its lead cask ale, Black Sheep Best Bitter, a classic 3.8%ABV Yorkshire bitter brewed using Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels, and it is now widely available across the UK. In 2009, they launched a fully illuminated “Dazzler” handpump for Black Sheep Best Bitter - the first of its kind to the market - giving cask ale the presence on the bar that it richly deserves! In 2010 a revised version of Golden Sheep on draught was launched - a gloriously refreshing blonde beer that has seen great success over the summer period.

As Paul Theakston says, “We are rightly proud of our award-winning range of bottled and cask ales and only brew our beers from traditional high-quality raw materials: crystal clear dales water from our own well, Maris Otter malted barley for extra flavour, a little roasted malt for colour and flavour, and generous amounts of whole English hops to make the beer really refreshing. Such a material bill is more expensive than the average, but we think it’s well worth the extra!”