CellarBright is a forward thinking unique business manufacturing and installing the Fully Automated Beer Line Cleaning System.

Cellar Bright

Our success is down to working closely with the brewing industry and our clients, we have developed our system to what it is today with great ideas from our clients. It wont stop there neither, CellarBright have exciting times ahead with other additions that will make CellartBright the industry leading experts in line cleaning.

The system will allow you to sell the beer that you would normally waste during the manual cleaning process.It is as simple as changing a keg over, you disconnect from barrel to cleaning ring main, press two buttons on the system and that’s it, you then dispense and sell the product in that particular line, after the last pint is sold you attach a waste pipe that is plumbed into your drainage system, open the font and allow the fully automated process to start. This will flush water through, then the correct dose of chemicals and then a final flush, this will take on average 5-9 mins. Once completed reconnect to keg. Pull water through and start selling the product again.

Average savings are between 75-90% of wasted beer.

CellarBright pride themselves with a robust quality product that will last for years, achieving quality results week after week, with our after sales service second to none. It is also the most competitive priced system in the market place, we understand the tough times the licensed trade is going through so we can tailor the cost of the system to make it an attractive investment. If you want the best call us now!

 For a free survey please contact​ or call Hance McGhie, Managing Director on 0800 6990268 mob- 07740367029