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Dadds LLP Licensing Solicitors Company Profile

Dadds LLP Licensing Solicitors is a specialist practice focusing on all aspects of alcohol and leisure licensing law, allowing our clients to have access to the best legal advice and representation.

Our clients receive clear, practical advice. We expect to approach your licensing needs and timetable in a holistic and efficient way. All our lawyers are enthusiastic and personable and understand what is expected of them by clients.

The practice provides representation to private clients and public authorities either before Licensing Committees, Magistrates and Higher Courts.

We are able to represent clients from making the simplest application to the most complex and demanding reviews and/or appeals. Representation will also be provided at a police station, local authority and court.

Principal People

David Dadds is an established licensing and regulatory crime practitioner. He is often instructed by licensing agents and solicitors to represent clients in his field of expertise.

Colin Turner is an established regulatory crime and criminal practitioner. He is often instructed to provide an effective and professional service for private clients of other solicitors, who do not have the expertise in the services our practice will provide.

Nationwide clampdown gathers pace


There has recently been a marked increase in compliance visits made to licensed premises by enforcement officers to check for counterfeit or non-duty paid alcohol products. Eight premises were visited in one London Borough alone, with seven being discovered to have alleged counterfeit or non-duty paid items.

Many premises now face licence review proceedings or court proceedings and even pubs and clubs are being visited by officers attempting to, as one Trading Standards Officer in Cambridgeshire put it, “crack down on the illicit alcohol and tobacco trade”..

Dadds LLP Licensing Solicitors have recently been successful in defending a pub in the London area where bottles of rum were wrongly seized because “no excise duty had been paid on the Goods”. Dadds LLP were able to demonstrate that duty had in fact been paid and successfully negotiated restitution of the seized items.


Sensible sellers will be carefully checking their stock to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements as the recent clampdown highlights the importance of diligence in all licensed premises.

Record-keeping is equally important. Any product which requires one that does not bear a UK duty-paid stamp, and for which the shopkeeper cannot provide an invoice, will be assumed to have been smuggled in to the UK. It is recommended that invoices be kept for a minimum of six years.

How we can help

The seriousness of being found with any of these products should not be underestimated as a premises licence can be revoked even on the first such discovery. If you are concerned about any aspect of your stock, Dadds LLP can offer advice on the relevant regulations. Should it be alleged that you have any such products at your premises we are able to offer expert legal advice and representation should the need arise.