Keg Returner

The KEG RETURNER​ was developed after research confirmed that many publicans and bar owners were throwing away large amounts of expensive beer and lager before line cleaning operations on pressure kegs.

Now this patented device allows publicans and bar owners to return the saleable beverage back into the pressure keg from where it came, and profit from this otherwise unnecessary loss. The KEG RETURNER​ has been helping pubs, clubs and hotels for over 14 years.

Countless businesses now consider this to be an indispensable piece of equipment, especially when they consider the amount of profit they would have otherwise thrown away.

Word of mouth is spreading fast as this recognised method of returning saleable beer and lager has proven to be a big success. The KEG RETURNER​ offers real benefits at an affordable price, so don’t delay order yours today and stop throwing profit down the drain.

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Enquiries from London and the south east please contact Richard Boniface on 07967 021109​.