Absolut Vodka

Juicy aroma: Absolut is hoping its new passion fruit variant will be a hit for summer

Absolut launches passion fruit variant

By Alice Leader

Absolut is set to continue its strong presence in the flavoured vodka category by introducing a tropical flair of passion fruit as its newest addition.

Safe journey: the Uber Karaoke campaign focuses on the fun side of travelling home at night

Absolut creates song and dance over Uber journeys home

By Stuart Stone

In a video campaign fronted by Absolut Vodka, brand owner Pernod Ricard UK has teamed up with taxi service Uber to take a different tune in its annual anti-drink-driving campaign by introducing Uber Karaoke.

Absolut launches Andy Warhol inspired game

Brands news

Absolut launches Andy Warhol inspired game

By Jessica Mason

Absolut has teamed up with theatrical company Punchdrunk and content company Somethin Else to create a new digital game app, inspired by Andy Warhol.

Absolut Cherry

Absolut goes cherry

By Robyn Black

Cherry is to be the latest flavour to join the Absolut portfolio.

New bottle art for Absolut flavours

Absolut redesigns flavoured range

By Jessica Mason

Pernod Ricard has launched new bottle designs for its Absolut range of flavoured vodkas in an effort to stand out from the crowd as well as draw further links between the brand and the art world.

Absolut: one of Pernod Ricard's brands

Exchange rates hit Pernod Ricard

By Ewan Turney

French spirits producer Pernod Ricard saw net profit from recurring operations drop 5% as it was hit by unfavourable exchange rates.

Absolut: biggest ever campaign

Absolut's biggest push yet

By Robyn Lewis

Absolut vodka is set to benefit from its biggest ever campaign in the UK. Brand owner Pernod Ricard is investing in a new campaign for the premium...



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