Alcohol Health Alliance

Industry figures say local economies and communities are net beneficiaries from our industry

Trade demands more balanced alcohol statistics

By Ellie Bothwell

Leading industry figures are calling on the Government to produce more accurate and balanced statistics on alcohol, after claiming recent council reports include “flawed” data that amount to “meaningless propaganda”.

Alcohol Health Alliance Day of Action

Alcohol Health Alliance Day of Action is an ignorant move

By Robyn Black

At precisely 1.30pm tomorrow, Friday 5 September, a number of Twitter accounts - namely those belonging to what more and more resembles a modern temperance movement - will simultaneously tweet a message promoting the idea that alcohol harm costs the UK...

Health lobbyists urge action ahead of alcohol strategy

Health lobby urges action on alcohol

By John Harrington, M&C Report

A group of high-profile health campaigners has urged the Government to implement tough new regulations on alcohol, including minimum pricing, ahead of publication of the new Alcohol Strategy.

Minimum pricing support growing in Wales

Welsh push for minimum pricing

By Michelle Perrett

Plaid Cymru assembly member (AM) Elin Jones has welcomed calls from a leading medical expert who backs her party’s campaign for a minimum price on alcohol.

Alcohol Health Alliance: backing trade on the levy

Health bodies slam late-night levy plan

By John Harrington

A powerful alliance of health campaigners has cast "serious doubts" on the merits of the proposed late-night levy for pub operators. The levy could...

Gilmore: price is an issue

Doctors call for ban on cheap alcohol

By Ewan Turney

A minimum price on alcohol is the most important weapon in tackling alcohol abuse, according to doctors and nurses. A snapshot survey of medical...