Alcohol Misuse

Rob Willock:

We must awake from this sleepwalk

By Rob Willock

We recently published an extract from Paul Chase’s book Culture Wars and Moral Panic, in which the author describes the ‘Big Lie’ propaganda technique increasingly being used by the anti-alcohol brigade.

The parliamentary committee wants an increase in funding to tackle alcohol misuse

Parliamentary group calls for 'alcohol harm minister'

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

The All Party Parliamentary Committee on Alcohol Misuse is calling for a single government minister to be accountable for the responsibility of reducing alcohol harms as part of its 2015 Manifesto that also includes a minimum unit price for alcoholic...


NHS should be more worried about medical negligence than drinking culture

By Paul Chase

It seems you only have to turn on your TV these days to be treated to a new tale of woe about the health consequences of alcohol. Whether it’s Alistair Campbell’s piece on middle-class alcoholism or national treasure Joan Bakewell on drinking among ‘oldies’,...

Henry Ashworth: Leading the way on responsible drinking

The Big Interview: Henry Ashworth

By Adam Pescod

Nobody can accuse Portman Group’s chief executive Henry Ashworth of not having enough experience of the harm that alcohol misuse can cause. As Adam Pescod discovers, he is the ideal man to encourage responsible drinking.

Proposals: The Scottish Government has published its bill on a minimum unit price for alcohol today

Scottish Minimum Pricing Bill published today

By Adam Pescod

Minimum pricing on alcohol is unlikely to reduce alcohol misuse, is probably illegal and threatens one of Scotland’s key industries. That is the Scotch Whisky Association’s (SWA) view on the controversial policy set out in the Alcohol Bill, published...

Orlowski: industry must be fully involved in health debate

Taking a responsible stand

By Stefan Orlowski

Stakeholders must work together to help reduce alcohol misuse, argues the boss of Heineken UK.