Staff: do they know licensing law?

Ten licensing law issues to teach your staff

By Poppleston Allen

It is good practice to provide training in licensing for when you are absent - here are 10 tips on the main areas of law that your staff should have some knowledge of.

Rob Willock:

We must awake from this sleepwalk

By Rob Willock

We recently published an extract from Paul Chase’s book Culture Wars and Moral Panic, in which the author describes the ‘Big Lie’ propaganda technique increasingly being used by the anti-alcohol brigade.

A minimum price of 45p would reduce consumption among 'harmful' drinkers, the study found

Minimum pricing would have 'little impact' on moderate drinkers

By John Harrington

A minimum unit price of 45p would reduce alcohol consumption for harmfully heavy drinkers on low incomes by nearly 300 units annually, but have little impact on moderate drinkers, according to a new report published in medical journal The Lancet.


The enemy within? War and drink

By Phil Mellows

Those who reckon today's temperance campaigners are over-reacting are lucky the part of Sir Ian Gilmore isn't being played by Field Marshall Douglas Haig, blogs Phil Mellows.