Minister promises action over cheap alcohol

Minister promises action over cheap alcohol

A minister has said the Government is “committed to ending the sale of heavily discounted alcohol”, and the issue of pricing and the “irresponsible sale of alcohol” will be addressed in the forthcoming alcohol strategy.

Phil Mellows: Pondering over minimum pricing

Pricing us out of an alcohol problem?

By Phil Mellows

It must be that time of year. We’re getting deluged with alcohol-related stories and studies. There really ought to be a recommended limit for consuming this kind of stuff.

Browne: figures show a marked improvement

Alcohol misuse falls in Scotland

By Michelle Perrett

The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) has welcomed figures published by the Scottish Government showing improvements in the levels of alcohol abuse and misuse.

Supermarkets: cheap booze

Brighton Council seeks VAT rise for off-licence sales

By Ewan Turney

Brighton & Hove City Council is the first local authority to call for the Government to set differential rates of VAT for the on and off-trades to help combat the cheap booze fuelling binge drinking.

Drinkaware: third year of the campaign

Sixty firms back Drinkaware campaign

By Michelle Perrett

Sixty companies have agreed to get involved in the third year of Drinkaware's alcohol awareness campaign — Why Let Good Times Go Bad? The campaign...

Paul Chase: Concerned by recommendations by Royal College of Psychiatrists

Oldies' drink warnings are based on myths

By Paul Chase

Paul Chase is concerned by the "one-size-fits-all" recommendations of the Royal College of Psychiatrists on alcohol problems among the elderly.

Mellows: in-depth analysis on alcohol stats

The ups and downs of alcohol stats

By Phil Mellows

Phil Mellows considers the release of yet another set of stats on alcohol abuse and hospital admissions last week.

Mellows: new report worth a read

Keeping the binge drinking myth alive

By Phil Mellows

In a strange twist, it's now the drinks industry that has an interest in sustaining the binge drinking myth, says Phil Mellows.

Supermarkets: alcohol sold cheaply

Northern Ireland pushes for minimum price

By Ewan Turney

Ministers in Northern Ireland are pushing for the introduction of a minimum price on alcohol of between 40p and 70p a unit. Social Development...

Mellows: religious beliefs should be personal

God and the demon drink

By Phil Mellows

Phil Mellows disagrees with Wynford Ellis Owen, CEO of the Welsh Council on Alcohol, who preaches that alcoholics should turn to religion.