Andy Slee

Level the burden: Andy Slee of SIBA has called for fairness on taxation


Unfair tax system must be fixed

By Andy Slee, chief executive, Society of Independent brewers (SIBA)

In a free market economy, Governments help things that are good for society and tax things that aren’t. Life should really be that simple.

Opinion piece: 'Normally I prefer cock up theories to conspiracy, but a combination of no science and no support points firmly to the latter,' says Black Sheep Brewery boss Andy Slee


Cock up or conspiracy?

By Andy Slee, chairman of Black Sheep Brewery

We learnt recently that the hard working publicans of Britain are worth about 0.5% as much to the Government as a Track & Trace consultant.

Andy Slee departs Punch Taverns

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Andy Slee departs Punch Taverns

By James Wallin, M&C Allegra Foodservice

Punch Taverns has announced that external affairs and central operations director Andy Slee is leaving after almost five years with the company.

Punch is trialling new franchise tenancy deal

Punch trials franchise tenancy deal

By John Harrington

Punch Taverns, the leased and tenanted pub operator, is trialling its “franchise tenancy” concept at seven pubs, company director Andy Slee has told M&C Report.