Challenges upheld: four out of 12 challenges made against Newby by licensees have been upheld

PCA has complaints against him upheld by CIArb

By Stuart Stone

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) has upheld several challenges made by pub licensees against a member of its group and pubs code adjudicator Paul Newby.

Major milestone: a look back at the pubs code a year after its implementation

Pubs code: a year on

By Fred A'Court

It is now a year since the pubs code was introduced but neither the trade, nor consultants and legal advisers negotiating deals between breweries and pubs, or pressure groups, seem to be celebrating.

'Good progress': Paul Newby has been clearing adjudication cases

Pubs code arbitrations up to 25

By Liam Coleman

Pubs code adjudicator Paul Newby has revealed that he has now made a total of 25 arbitrations since the pubs code came into force last year.

Options: Licensees have lots to ponder around MRO

Pubs code

Cracking the pubs code - Is it working?

By Ed Bedington

Since the launch of the pubs code, the opportunity for licensees to break away from their pub company has been on offer. But has the system been working to the benefit of all parties so far?

Hart of Dunston: rent cut

Spirit tenant gets 28% rent cut

By Ewan Turney

A Spirit Pub Company tenant has secured a 28% reduction in rent after threatening to take the case to arbitration.

Pelican: trade dip led to rent cut

Lessee lands rent cut via arbitration

By Ewan Turney

An Enterprise Inns lessee has achieved a reduction in rent at arbitration — and secured £18,000 in overpaid backdated rent. But the pubco said it...

Kallipetis: trade future in his hands

Top barrister to steer pub trade reform

By Andrew Pring

A renowned barrister who specialises in commercial mediation has been appointed to lead the process of self-reform within the pub trade. Michel...

The rentman cometh

The rentman cometh

Rent reviews are a time of angst and confusion for many licensees. Ewan Turney reports the top tips from the BII's recent rent-review seminar Pubco:...