Bbpa Chief Executive

BBPA: brewing exports on the up

BBPA urges tax relief for brewers

By Lesley Foottit

The BBPA has urged tax relief for brewers to enable the sector to help lead Britain to an export-led recovery from recession.

Claimed charges: Natwest refunded Bally and Lesley Auluk

BBPA assures MPs over direct debit fines

By John Harrington

The BBPA has written to MPs investigating pubcos saying it's "not aware" of its members taking fines directly from licensees' bank accounts.

Hayward: Report calls for unlawful action

BBPA: KPMG report calls for unlawful action

By Ewan Turney

The KPMG report totally ignores the Government's own evidence gathered during sting operations and calls on the industry to act above the law in...


BBPA: trade is victim of stealth tax

By Tony Halstead

Trade leaders have refused to blame their lobbying tactics in the wake of one of the biggest ever tax hikes to be heaped on the industry by the...