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Keyboard warriors: Peeved punters taking to the internet to complain are becoming a recurring problem for publicans

Opinion: TripDespiser strikes again

By Pete Brown

A reasonable approach to unreasonable on-line reviews is the best policy in order to make it clear to observers that the reviewer is the one in the wrong.

Scathing: many operators have responded to reviewers with cutting comments

Some of the 'best' TripAdvisor responses from pubs

By Nikkie Sutton

TripAdvisor has come under fire many times from the hospitality industry and operators have previously blamed the review site for staff resignations, sleepless nights and police intervention. Here we look at some of the responses pubs have given to irate...

An online campaign is calling for reviews to only be posted alongside receipts

No receipt, no review: call for fair play on online reviews

By Emily Sutherland

Bad reviews posted online are a headache for many pubs. Most licensees accept that even with top-notch staff and a slick operation, things do occasionally go wrong and some customers will never be happy. But it can be particularly blood-boiling when bad...