British Beer & Pub Association

Simmonds: defending the beer tie

Pubco code details set to be revealed

By Ewan Turney

Further details of the British Beer and Pub Association's Pub Industry Framework Code of Practice are due to be published this week. The code,...

Greene King: withdrawing from BBPA

Greene King to withdraw from BBPA

By Mark Stretton, M&C Report

Greene King, one of the UK's biggest integrated brewing and pub groups, plans to withdraw its membership of the British Beer & Pub Association...

Hastings: pubs part of solution to binge drinking

BBPA to lobby would-be MPs

By Tony Halstead

The British Beer & Pub Association is to lobby scores of prospective parliamentary candidates in the run-up to the general election, the...

Beer sales have shown some signs of stabilising

Beer sales start to stabilise

By Ewan Turney

The decline in beer sales has started to show signs of stabilisation despite overall sales recording a dip of 4.8% for the second quarter.

BBPA: high in rankings

BBPA high in lobbying stakes

By Robyn Lewis

The British Beer & Pub Association has been ranked above a host of top names in terms of its lobbying power.

Pring: pubcos seen as too powerful

Time to reshape trade bodies

By Andrew Pring

The lobbyists may have failed, but instead of a night of the long knives, the answer is surely a restructuring of the trade body landscape, says Andrew Pring.

Pring: Honesty is key to debate

The importance of being honest

By Andrew Pring

The impending Parliamentary review of the Tisc inquiry should pose more difficult questions for the pubcos.



"Some 15 months ago a storm was raging above the pub and brewing industries. It was the height of the Daily Mail's campaign against pubs, the medical...